A systematic approach to fluency training

Our online materials are based on research

A framework of key principles for building fluency

Using this framework, we created online materials with speaking and listening activities that 

  • involve using English to solve problems, so you have to really communicate instead of just memorize or copy
  • are focused, so you notice patterns and can use similar words and phrases multiple times  
  • are open-ended and creative, with rich examples, so you can use English you already know and learn new English too
  • use time pressure, so you will push your speaking and listening to higher levels.  

We organized these materials into convenient courses made up of 15-minute lessons, so you can use the materials easily and often. And we made sure the materials are challenging and fun, so you will keep training and have great results!

Try something different

Materials designed to focus on fluency

Over the years, our team members have been asked by English students and teachers to recommend ways to build speaking and listening fluency online. When we searched for online materials to recommend, we couldn’t find any that fit well with principles that we know are important. So, we created these materials with a focus specifically on building fluency.

Are you ready to try this fluency-building approach?