English fluency training for employees

A customized course with a group discount

Your employees can do the Free Trial anytime. If they like it, your employees can do a paid course and get a group discount, and we will customize the course for you! Contact us for details: 


Easy to use outside work

Your employees just sign in and we take it from there
With our materials, your employees can train independently. Just 15 minutes a day while on breaks, at home, or on the go, and built-in guidance and feedback keeps everyone well-supported and on track. Our training takes the guess work out of addressing your employees’ language needs and leaves you with extra time to focus on other things!

Boost employees' speaking and listening

High quality training to improve workplace interaction
Increases in English fluency can have a positive impact on employees’ interactions with customers, co-workers, and managers. Employees feel more confident and are more competent interacting in English, and the result can be a more inclusive workplace climate and greater productivity.

Customized courses

Sign up for a paid course and get lots of extras
Sign up your employees for a paid course and we set it up exclusively for you. Only your employees will be in the course, with their own exclusive interactive community for sharing ideas about learning English. You can receive weekly reports so you can track employees’ progress. And if you have questions about how to support the training in your workplace, you can ask anytime — we have lots of practical ideas to share!

We understand the needs of employers and employees

Our materials development team has extensive experience providing language training for companies and organizations in a wide range of industries, including:


electronics manufacturing and equipment

food and hospitality services

groundskeeping services

medical equipment manufacturing

trucking and transportation

Our team also has internationally-recognized expertise in transfer of training. We know that employers work hard to be successful and to help their employees succeed, but employees’ English ability can be a hurdle. Our training can be an effective, efficient, and enjoyable solution.

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