English fluency training for classes

A customized course with a group discount

You and your students can try the Free Trial anytime. If you like it, you and your students can do a paid course and get a group discount, and we will customize the course for you! Contact us for details: 


Easy to use and saves time

Your students just sign in and we take it from there
You can have your students use the materials independently, or you can have students do the lessons together in class. And we have suggestions for follow-up in-class activities too. We guide the students and give feedback, so you have extra time to focus on other things!

Boost students' speaking and listening

High quality practice to improve communication skills
We know that learning English requires lots of practice using the language to communicate. But class time is limited and doesn’t always focus on communicative speaking and listening. Our materials give students lots of extra speaking and listening practice that can lead to stronger English communication skills.

Customized courses

Sign up for a paid course and get lots of extras
Sign up your class for a paid course and we set it up exclusively for you. Only your class will be in the course, with your own exclusive interactive community for sharing ideas about learning English. You will receive weekly reports so you can track students’ progress. And if you have questions about how to integrate the materials into your curriculum, you can ask anytime — we have lots of practical ideas to share!

We understand the needs of teachers and students

Our materials development team includes members with K-12 teacher certification and extensive experience training teachers to work in English education systems around the globe. We know that English teachers work hard with their students to reach curriculum goals but time is often too short. Our materials can be an effective, efficient, and enjoyable solution.

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