Activate your english

You learned it, now make sure you can use it!

Do you ever think ...

"I've studied English grammar, but using it to speak and listen is difficult."

"I take English classes. But my speaking is too slow, and when I listen to real English, it's too fast"

"I can get pretty good grades on English tests, but I can't participate in conversations -- I hesitate a lot and I keep asking people to repeat"

"I've learned lots of English words. But when I watch English videos, I have to keep stopping and rewinding to catch things I miss"

If so, you could be one of the many English learners who struggle with "fluency"

Many English learners have studied English in traditional ways, by memorizing grammar and vocabulary and copying pronunciation. That kind of studying is often not enough for learning to use English quickly, smoothly, and easily in real communication situations.

But that doesn't mean you are stuck

Like many other skills, English fluency can be developed. So English learners who are frustrated CAN build their fluency. It just takes time and effort. And the right kind of studying can save time and ensure the effort pays off.

Are you ready to build your English fluency?