English shadowing ... plus!

Our online English learning materials are easy to use and include lots of shadowing, with careful guidance to maximize your learning

Use shadowing to build English fluency

Shadowing is a language learning technique that involves listening and simultaneously repeating what you hear. Shadowing was used for interpreter training, and then it became popular with Japanese English learners. Now, this popularity is spreading to language learners, teachers, and researchers around the world!

Research shows that shadowing works

Scientific studies of English training show that shadowing can improve listening ability (to hear English sounds and words, and to understand) and speaking ability (to speak English clearly and fluently). So, adding shadowing to your English training is a great way to boost your learning.

Create your own materials for shadowing

You can try shadowing with any English recording. But keep in mind that shadowing works best under certain conditions, for example if you already understand the content of the shadowing material and if you have access to a written text. So, if you are going to create your own shadowing materials, you should try to create those conditions.

... or just try weblengs materials!

Our English training materials have been designed by experts to create the conditions for effective shadowing. The materials have carefully-constructed sequences of lessons and activities that prepare you and build on each other in ways that will maximize your success. And you don’t have to create the materials yourself, so you can start training right away!

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